-About Lynnette-

"I am the Marijuana Peace and Hemp candidate. I am calling for the imediate release of all non-violent marijuana prisoners. Last count was 1,429 that we know of in CA jails. We can free our people as part of a Marijuana Truce. Our fettered society needs baby steps right now.."-Rev Lynnette Shaw Libertarian Party Candidate for LT. Governor California 2006a


Well known throughout California, Lynnette Shaw has been interviewed on most major television stations, radio and newspapers across the country and the UK. Her reputation as a fearless fighter for patient protection, being a stalwart negotiator, a longtime hemp educator and having a positive relationship with world class media, has caused the Libertarian Party to draft her as a Candidate to run for LT. Governor of California.

Lynnette, a union musician since 1976, sick from air pollution and depression from "living in tha'hood singing the blues and reggae," escaped to Maui. Having had a major spiritual awakening there, she later joined the hemp and medical Marijuana movement in 1991. After being physically abused by police when arrested for marijuana possession, she served 80 days in Alameda County. Lynnette was then hired by Dennis Peron in 1992 at the very first medical marijuana club in San Francisco, to work as an intake counselor. While running Jack Herer's office in 1994 ("on loan from Dennis"), training hemp petitioners in Van Nuys and making stirring speeches at monthly hemp rallies in LA, Dennis and Jack trained her to be the "straight white sound byte" girl for both hemp and medical marijuana movements. This helped her in speech making, organizing events and conferences throughout the 90's when she also collected MC and broadcast radio DJ experience.

Having been front page news with her sensible advocacy for years, Lynnette, a member of the Prop.215 think tank, helped Marin County "get the message" where in the statewide 1996 vote for Prop. 215 the County came in 2nd in the State for approval votes with 74 % Yes for medical marijuana. Lynnette co-wrote the Marin Medical Marijuana Ordinance # 3109 making world news again when it was adopted unanimously by the Board of Supervisors that same year. The law requires the sheriffs to make medical marijuana their lowest priority and it cut the anti-pot budget. Because of the trust and support of the community and town of Fairfax (89 % yes medical marijuana) the chief of police developed a unique permit to sell not- for- profit medical marijuana that he pushed through the Planning Commission in 1997. In 1999 She yet again made world news when she helped recall the Marin County DA over legal pot patients repeatedly being busted.

Fairfax was the only club for 9 years that actually was licensed by municipal law (Now there are 4 others). Ran by Lynnette, Fairfax is a working model of her Marijuana Peace Plan for California (having no patients busted since 2000 and no gardens seized since an actual Marijuana Truce mediated in 2002). This also has saved the County fund millions, especially since her paralegal work and legal team won 50 out of 50 medical marijuana cases.

Lynnette's club has contractual protection by local police and is the oldest standing medical marijuana club in California having tax deductible receipts and a return policy! Marin County had appointed her to several commissions that she later resigned when the club began to grow. She is, however, still a volunteer Adult Probation Community Service Worker Supervisor for 12 years now and has recently joined L.E.A.P. (Law Enforcement Against Prohibition).

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